Best Family Photographers in Oklahoma City

Hi, I am Katrina Wofford.

Portraits capture a single moment in time, helping others to realize the beauty in this busy world we live in. Guiding these moments for people has become one of my most esteemed passions, allowing the client to slow down and focus on themselves while still having fun. My main goal as a photographer is this, and to help the client portray their best self for their most important and cherished events in life. 

I work to meet the needs of my clients pursuing anything that not only builds my skills so I can gain experience, but that will challenge me to be creative to capture the best of the best. This can include graduation portraits to proposals, to promotion and business photography, to babies and birthdays. I scout out the surrounding area to find the best setting for the client that best suits their needs and the ideas we want to explore.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any information. You won't regret it.



“"Having been alien to working with any type of photographer, I thought that I may be nervous behind the lens. I was pleasantly surprised at how calm I felt and how much fun I had! From the get-go, Katrina's presence was kind, friendly, and down-to-earth. She made me feel completely comfortable exploring different poses and expressing love, laughter, and silly moments with my husband. Each photo will mean everything to me when my husband goes on deployment, and for that, I am grateful. Thank you"”


This is a great place for you to tell new clients more about my work and to describe the type of photographer I am. If we've worked together, I would greatly appreciate your kind words!